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Creating a productive and satisfying learning experience involves actively engaging students and having them take responsibility for their own learning. However, the anxiety students bring into the classroom, along with their preconcep-tions about subject content and other course-related matters, often works as an immediate impediment to effective learning,(More)
In this paper we describe a trace analysis framework, from trace generation to visualization. It includes a unified tracing facility on IBM SP systems, a self-defining interval file format, an API for framework extensions, utilities for merging and statistics generation, and a visualization tool with preview and multiple time-space diagrams. The trace(More)
[1] The Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF) provides a high-performance flexible framework for physics-based space weather simulations, as well as for various space physics applications. The SWMF integrates numerical models of the Solar Corona, Upper Atmosphere into a high-performance coupled model. The components can be represented with alternative(More)
Energy efficiency is a major concern in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Many clustering algorithms have been proposed for such a purpose. This paper investigates the existing clustering algorithms. The algorithms have been classified and some representatives are described in each category. After analyzing the strengths and the weaknesses of each category,(More)
This article reports on an initiative to explore the potential of using supplementary audio podcast material to reduce the anxiety caused by isolation and to promote a sense of inclusivity amongst both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying an information technology subject in external mode with Australia's largest provider of distance education.(More)
There has been increasing evidence that Pc-5 ULF oscillations play a fundamental role in the dynamics of outer zone electrons. In this work we examine the adia-batic response of electrons to toroidal-mode Pc-5 field line resonances using a simplified magnetic field model. We find that electrons can be adiabatically accelerated through a drift-resonant(More)
Information Superhighway is a technical subject on Internet technologies and web authoring whose content is geared primarily towards undergraduate students majoring in information technology, but is a undertaken by Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Teaching students at Charles Sturt University, a regional university based in New South Wales, Australia.(More)
Many clustering schemes have been proposed for different ad hoc networks and play an important role in self organizing them. A systematic classification of these clustering schemes enables one to better understand and make improvements. This paper surveys clustering schemes and classifies them into ad hoc sensor network clustering schemes and mobile ad hoc(More)