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According to the American College of Surgeons, complex oral surgical procedures, including the transoral placement of endosseous implants, are of the type that may require prophylactic antibiotics. However, the routine use of prophylactic antibiotics in the field of dental implantology continues to be controversial, and their utilization varies widely. No(More)
In 1991, the Dental Implant Clinical Research Group comprising 30 Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers and two dental schools initiated a long-term clinical study to investigate the clinical performance of implants within the Spectra-System (Core-Vent Corporation, Las Vegas, NV). This article focuses on a portion of the study database related to(More)
The prevalence of partial and complete edentulism in the older adult patient and the predictability of specific types of dental implants obligates the dental health professional to consider the fabrication of implant-related prostheses as an alternative treatment option. Special emphasis is placed in this article on the provision of clip-bat overdentures in(More)
Fifteen consecutive patients undergoing extensive surgery for head and neck cancer involving the oral cavity and oropharynx were reconstructed using the technique of rigid internal fixation combined with various vascularized flaps. The follow-up ranged from 6 to 18 months. Modifications in various myocutaneous or vascularized free flaps combined with an(More)
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