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MitoMiner (http://mitominer.mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk/) is a data warehouse for the storage and analysis of mitochondrial proteomics data gathered from publications of mass spectrometry and green fluorescent protein tagging studies. In MitoMiner, these data are integrated with data from UniProt, Gene Ontology, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, HomoloGene, Kyoto(More)
BACKGROUND Mitochondria are a vital component of eukaryotic cells and their dysfunction is implicated in a large number of metabolic, degenerative and age-related human diseases. The mechanism or these disorders can be difficult to elucidate due to the inherent complexity of mitochondrial metabolism. To understand how mitochondrial metabolic dysfunction(More)
Ischaemia-reperfusion injury occurs when the blood supply to an organ is disrupted and then restored, and underlies many disorders, notably heart attack and stroke. While reperfusion of ischaemic tissue is essential for survival, it also initiates oxidative damage, cell death and aberrant immune responses through the generation of mitochondrial reactive(More)
The present study investigates the knowledge, perceptions and attitudes of medical students in Sri Lanka in regard to e-health. We also examined the barriers which impede them to develop knowledge and skills in e-health within their medical curriculum. A questionnaire focusing on the knowledge, attitudes and expectations of medical students towards e-health(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to provide an up-to-date contemporary bibliometric view of the telemedicine and telehealth literature and a longitudinal analysis of changes in content themes. METHODS Software tools were used to extract and process MEDLINE entries. Frequencies of papers by year of publication and outlet were calculated, ranked, charted and tabulated.(More)
Mitochondria are a vital component of eukaryotic cells with functions that extend beyond energy production to include metabolism, signaling, cell growth, and apoptosis. Their dysfunction is implicated in a large number of metabolic, degenerative, and age-related human diseases. Therefore, it is important to characterize and understand the mitochondrion.(More)
INTRODUCTION Persons with cerebral palsy require a lifetime of costly and resource intensive interventions which are often limited by equity of access. With increasing burden being placed on health systems, new methods to deliver intensive rehabilitation therapies are needed. Move it to improve it (Mitii) is an internet-based multimodal programme comprising(More)
BACKGROUND There are few cost-minimisation studies in telemedicine. We have compared the actual costs of providing a telepaediatric service to the potential costs if patients had travelled to see the specialist in person. METHODS In November 2000, we established a novel telepaediatric service for selected regional hospitals in Queensland. Instead of(More)
The overall aim of this project was to ascertain the utilization of a custom-designed telemedicine service for patients to maintain close contact (via videoconference) with family and friends during hospitalization. We conducted a retrospective chart review of hospitalized patients (primarily children) with extended hospital length of stays.(More)
BACKGROUND In the vast state of Queensland, Australia, access to specialist paediatric services are only available in the capital city of Brisbane, and are limited in regional and remote locations. During home-based palliative care, it is not always desirable or practical to move a patient to attend appointments, and so access to care may be even further(More)