Anthony Cahill

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mination of soil water content: Measurements in coaxial transmis-C.R. Camp et al. (ed.) Evapotranspiration and irrigation schedul-sion lines. tion of crop water stress index for LEPA irrigated corn. Irrig. ABSTRACT at the soil surface (namely net radiation, sensible heat flux, and soil heat flux) (e.period following irrigation, is described by a combination(More)
BACKGROUND Surveillance on paralysis prevalence has been conceptually and methodologically challenging. Numerous methods have been used to approximate population-level paralysis prevalence estimates leading to widely divergent prevalence estimates. OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESES To describe three phases in use of the International Classification of Functioning,(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence and causes of functional paralysis in the United States. METHODS We used the 2013 US Paralysis Prevalence & Health Disparities Survey to estimate the prevalence of paralysis, its causes, associated sociodemographic characteristics, and health effects among this population. RESULTS Nearly 5.4 million persons live(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the psychosocial health of people with disabilities and on the ability of people with disabilities in the affected area to live independently. PARTICIPANTS Transcribed conversations were analyzed for 56 survivors of Hurricane Katrina on the American Gulf Coast, all of whom were persons with(More)
In Chapter II, we discuss analytical study of contaminant transport from a finite source in a finite-thickness aquifer. This chapter provides analytical solutions of contaminant transport from one-, two-, and three-dimensional finite sources in a finite-thickness aquifer using Green's function method. A library of unpublished analytical solutions with(More)