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Cognitive testing with touchscreen-equipped operant boxes (‘touchscreens’) is becoming increasingly popular. Tasks, such as paired associate learning or reversal learning of visual stimuli, have the discrimination of visual stimuli as a fundamental component. However, the effect of drugs commonly used in the study of cognitive mechanisms has yet to be(More)
Many faculty, staff, and students at academic institutions think about starting companies at some point in their careers. As academic funding models change, and how academia views entrepreneurial activity changes, starting companies is likely to happen more frequently. Hence, it is worth considering Ten Simple Rules to contemplate when starting a company(More)
Commercializing scientific research or a breakthrough idea is really no different, in principle, from commercializing anything, except perhaps that it's more difficult in practice because of the steps required to turn basic research into something practical and because you are looking for a market for a product, rather than designing a product to fit an(More)
The concepts that underpin the protection of ideas and inventions are not new; such laws have been around for several hundred years and are discussed under the broad heading of intellectual property (IP). IP is easily misunderstood, but at the same time most scientists encounter it at some point in their career, as it is a necessary feature in the(More)
This paper considers the impact of a state medical insurance system on the structure of psychiatric services. The tendency of the upper socioeconomic classes to use private practitioners, and the lower classes to use public clinics, is examined before and after the imposition of the medical insurance system in Quebec in 1970. Data from one public clinic(More)
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