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There has been a lively debate about the potential impact of global climate change on U.S. agriculture. Most of the early agro-economic studies predict large damages (see, (1994)-hereafter MNS-propose a new approach: using the variation in temperature and precipitation across U.S. counties to estimate a reduced form hedonic equation with the value of(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate strength, fatigability, and activity of upper limb musculature to elucidate the role of muscular imbalance in the pathophysiology of tennis elbow. Sixteen patients clinically diagnosed with tennis elbow, recruited from a university hospital upper limb orthopedic clinic, were compared with 16 control subjects with(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the changes of dimension (vol%), weight (microgram/mm(3)) and the solubility (microgram/mm(3)) of dental composite restorative materials after a period of 64 days immersed in de-ionized water or artificial saliva. METHOD Six resin-based composite restorative materials were investigated. An organically modified ceramic(More)
A 35 month old child was referred for electrophysiology testing with pendular nystagmus, corresponding head oscillations and reduced vision. Flash visual evoked potential (VEP) revealed large responses at the right occiput (but not the left occiput) from the right eye and similar large responses at only the left occiput from the left eye, indicating(More)
PURPOSE To report spontaneous corneal perforation as a presenting sign of unilateral Terrien marginal degeneration in a young adult. METHODS A 19-year-old woman presented with sudden loss of vision in her left eye of 1-day duration. Examination revealed superior corneal thinning with superficial vascularization and secondary lipid keratopathy. There was(More)
The research questions and topics most likely to emerge in the near term future are assessed. A common theme is that policy issues will be an important driving force, as has generally been true in the past. More specifically, future theoretical advances are expected to occur in the treatment of uncertainty, the incorporation of stock service flows into(More)
Among others who point to environmental variability and managerial uncertainty as causes of fishery collapse, Roughgarden and Smith (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 93 (1996) 5078) argue that three sources of uncertainty are important for fisheries management: variability in fish dynamics, inaccurate stock size estimates, and inaccurate implementation of harvest(More)
Despite the existence of a large and growing literature on the potential impact of climate change on agriculture, there still exists some disagreement about the magnitude and even the sign. Our own research suggests that the impact on U.S. agriculture is likely to be strongly negative, based on a series of studies in which we link farmland values to climate(More)
An expert system is described for the differential diagnosis of vertical deviation strabismus (squint) from measurements taken in the standard prism cover test. The deviations are represented as optical powers in prism dioptres using the graphic representation of strabismus (after Jampolsky). The expert is implemented in MatLab® (Mathworks Ltd., Cambridge,(More)
OBJECTIVES First to compare pain and functional disability in tennis elbow (TE) patients with healthy controls. Second, to evaluate the relationship between the 2 major psychologic factors (anxiety and depression) and TE. METHODS Sixteen TE patients were recruited from 46 consecutive attendees at an upper limb clinic: inclusion criteria were lateral(More)