Anthony C. Fang

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Despite leaps in motion capture technology, the di-chotomy between unencumbered vision-based motion recovery and the prevailing marker-assisted motion capture solution remains largely pertinent. This paper bridges the gap by introducing an attachment-free, full-body motion capture technique that employs multiple high-speed cameras and a customized bodysuit.(More)
We address the volumetric reconstruction problem that takes as input a series of orthographic multi-energy x-ray images, producing as output a reconstructed model space consisting of uniform-size mass density voxels. Our approach solves the non-linear constrained optimization formulation problem by constructing a compliant estimate of volumetric(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel two-level regression method for computing body mass distribution from a database of X-ray images, without scanning the new subject. Our approach first selects a suitable sample from the image database by minimizing a distance function based on the relationships between the new subject's body measurements and those of sample(More)
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