Anthony Bruce Fallon

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Phonological similarity is observed to detrimentally affect serial recall when correctin-position scoring is used. Two experiments investigated the role of item and position accuracy scoring of rhyming, similar non-rhyming, and dissimilar lists under immediate recall conditions; articulatory suppression; or a filled delay. In general, rhyme lists produced(More)
The aim of this study was to identify the breastfeeding attitudes and knowledge of a sample of Australian general practice (GP) registrars and investigate how confident and effective they thought their interactions with breastfeeding women were. Between February and May 2007, a 90-item questionnaire containing demographic, attitude, and knowledge items was(More)
BACKGROUND Postnatal breastfeeding support in the form of home visits is difficult to accommodate in regional Australia, where hospitals often deal with harsh economic constraints in a context where they are required to provide services to geographically dispersed consumers. This study evaluated a predominantly telephone-based support service called the(More)
Breastfeeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants and has a unique biological and emotional influence on the health of both mother and child. However, despite the well documented health benefits of breastfeeding, most Australian women discontinue breastfeeding before the recommended time. This study(More)
While stimulus similarity and levels of processing are often manipulated in long-term episodic tasks that test item memory, little attention has been paid to how these variables affect long-term memory for temporal order. The effects of these variables on order memory was tested using a task that required the reconstruction of the initial presentation order(More)
The aims of this article are to outline the reasons Australian women give for initiating breastfeeding, identify unique predictors for these reasons, and use principal components factor analysis to determine factors that influence a woman's decision to breastfeed. Data were collected as part of a large longitudinal study investigating the breastfeeding(More)
Five different anaerobic culture methods and several different media were compared for their ability to recover anaerobes from clinical specimens. Specimens were obtained from patients with documented infections, avoiding contamination with normal flora, and immediately placed in an anaerobic transporter. Each specimen was cultured by all methods and on all(More)
In conjunction with other health professionals, doctors believe they play an important role in promoting breastfeeding to women. Although many have positive breastfeeding attitudes, significant knowledge deficits often limit their capacity to effectively encourage, support and assist breastfeeding women and their infants. Personal breastfeeding experience(More)
INTRODUCTION This research gathered information in 2004 about psychological services provided to five rural communities located in South-west Queensland, Australia. Specifically, the aims of the project were to: (i) undertake an audit of existing psychological services; and (ii) determine the need for psychological services as perceived by providers of(More)
INTRODUCTION While most doctors believe they have a major role to play in breastfeeding promotion, and consider it worthwhile taking time to assist women to continue to breastfeed, it appears that gender and personal breastfeeding experience affect their attitude and confidence concerning breastfeeding issues. As doctors practicing in rural and regional(More)