Anthony Bracegirdle

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Prospective Memory (PM), or remembering to perform tasks in the future, is of crucial importance for everyday life. Stroke survivors often have impaired prospective memory, which can interfere with their independent living. In 2011, we started working on computer-based training for improving prospective memory in stroke patients. The primary goal of our(More)
Constraint-Based Modeling (CBM) is an effective student modeling approach which has been used successfully in a wide range of instructional domains. Within the Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group (ICTG), we have developed numerous constraint-based tutors and demonstrated their effectiveness in real courses. In this paper, however, we discuss how we use CBM(More)
The Intelligent Tutoring Group at the University of Canterbury has created a 3D virtual environment for stroke rehabilitation, specifically, training the prospective memory in a safe and familiar setting. This honours project involved the creation of a gesture-based interface via the Leap Motion for navigation and interaction within this environment, in the(More)
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