Anthony Bellissimo

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— Motivated by the need to deploy a public repository of multi-gigabyte trace files, we studied the BitTorrent protocol's ability to disseminate very large files among peers. BitTorrent is a popular peer-to-peer protocol that allows parallel downloads of large files. In this paper, we analyzed user activity on BitTorrent over a four-month period with(More)
In January 2001 the Residency Review Committee (RRC) mandated that all psychiatric training programs must demonstrate competency in five forms of psychotherapy. Assessing competency in psychotherapy is a complex and difficult task, with many conceptual and practical issues needing consideration before programs are implemented. Existing competency-based(More)
A client can use a content distribution network to securely download software updates. These updates help to patch everyday bugs, plug security vulnerabilities, and secure critical infrastructure. Yet challenges remain for secure content distribution: many deployed software update mechanisms are insecure, and emerging technologies pose further hurdles for(More)
One objective of psychiatric education can be to help trainees describe and understand major concerns patients experience in their key relationships, inner conflict and sense of self. A precis of major concepts and principles in this area (usually known as psychodynamics) is presented without the metapsychological framework which makes some of the(More)
This paper constitutes an initial attempt to establish specific end-point objectives for the teaching (and learning) of individual psychotherapy skills. A working framework for teaching psychotherapy, which includes intrapsychic as well as interactional phenomena, is articulated. The framework also tries to achieve an integration of basic concepts of(More)
Evidence for non-pharmacological effects of hypnotics on sleep is presented. This suggests that behavioural variables may be involved in the regulation of sleep onset in insomnia. Chronic 'true' insomnia is described in terms of precipitating events: fixed behavioural patterns which perpetuate it and the disordered timing of electrophysiological and(More)
Communication is the essence of the process of psychotherapy. Understanding the parameters of communication can form the foundations for the development of psychotherapeutic skills in the student therapist. Using learning objectives within the context of teaching psychotherapy, the process of communication in individual psychotherapy is explored in this(More)
Insomnia is a public health problem because of its high prevalence, the risk of hypnotic drug abuse, and self medication combined with alcohol and other nonprescription chemicals. Clinical experience has given rise to a descriptive classification of the insomnias many of which are secondary to medical disease. The information now available allows us to(More)
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