Anthony Almudevar

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BACKGROUND Location tracking of a wearable radio frequency (RF) transmitter in a wireless network is a potentially useful tool for the home monitoring of patients in clinical applications. However, the problem of converting RF signals into accurate estimates of transmitter location remains a significant challenge. OBJECTIVES We wish to demonstrate that(More)
The accumulation of fat droplets within the liver is an important marker of liver disease. This study assesses gradations of steatosis in mouse livers using crawling waves, which are interfering patterns of shear waves introduced into the liver by external sources. The crawling waves are detected by Doppler ultrasound imaging techniques, and these are(More)
MOTIVATION Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) is one of the most widely used methods to measure gene expression. Despite extensive research in qPCR laboratory protocols, normalization and statistical analysis, little attention has been given to qPCR non-detects-those reactions failing to produce a minimum amount of signal. RESULTS We show that the common(More)
Self-report instruments commonly used to assess depression in adolescents have limited or unknown reliability and validity in this age group. We describe a new self-report scale, the Kutcher Adolescent Depression Scale (KADS), designed specifically to diagnose and assess the severity of adolescent depression. This report compares the diagnostic validity of(More)
The role of the correlation structure of gene expression data are two-fold: It is a source of complications and useful information at the same time. Ignoring the strong stochastic dependence between gene expression levels in statistical methodologies for microarray data analysis may deteriorate their performance. However, there is a host of valuable(More)
Approved by the Honours Committee Date ii I, Joanna M. Giddings, hereby grant permission to the University Librarian at Acadia University to provide copies of the thesis, on request, on a non-profit basis. Date iii Acknowledgements Funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada allowed me to devote the summer of 2001 towards my(More)
The problem of location tracking of a mobile station in a wireless network has received considerable attention in recent literature. In many installations, a mobile station transmits a radio frequency signal which is received at a number of base stations, from which location estimation follows. Such an application requires some form of signal-distance(More)