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2Lionel Feigenbaum
2Xuguang Tai
2Alfred Singer
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  • François Van Laethem, Anastasia N. Tikhonova, Leonid A. Pobezinsky, Xuguang Tai, Motoko Y. Kimura, Cécile Le Saout +6 others
  • 2013
Thymic selection requires signaling by the protein tyrosine kinase Lck to generate T cells expressing αβ T cell antigen receptors (TCR). For reasons not understood, the thymus selects only αβTCR that are restricted by major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-encoded determinants. Here, we report that Lck proteins that were coreceptor associated promoted(More)
The maintenance of naive CD8(+) T cells is necessary for lifelong immunocompetence but for unknown reasons requires signaling via both interleukin 7 (IL-7) and the T cell antigen receptor (TCR). We now report that naive CD8(+) T cells required IL-7 signaling to be intermittent, not continuous, because prolonged IL-7 signaling induced naive CD8(+) T cells to(More)
Although T cell receptor (TCR) signals are essential for intrathymic T cell-positive selection, it remains controversial whether they only serve to initiate this process, or whether they are required throughout to promote thymocyte differentiation and survival. To address this issue, we have devised a novel approach to interfere with thymocyte TCR signaling(More)
Since the 1988 World Health Assembly resolution to eradicate poliomyelitis, considerable progress has been made towards interrupting the transmission of wild poliovirus globally. A formal process for the certification of polio eradication was established on the basis of experience gained during smallpox eradication. Independent groups of experts were(More)
This paper describes the automated application of a specific Group Support System (GroupSystems) for Quality self-assessment, using measurement standards defined by the European Foundation for Quality Management. For the EFQM internal self-assessment process the people in the department concerned work without the support of trained external assessors. In(More)
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