Anthony A. Saka

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Highway traffic accidents all over the world result in more than 1.3 million fatalities annually. An alarming number of these fatalities occurs in developing countries. There are many risk factors that are associated with frequent accidents, heavy loss of lives, and property damage in developing countries. Unfortunately, poor record keeping practices are(More)
Two innovative stochastic traffic signal optimization techniques for isolated intersections are discussed. The objective is to determine the optimum cycle and green phase lengths for signalized isolated traffic intersections. Determination of optimum cycle and green phase lengths is based on minimization of the total average delay at the intersection for a(More)
The contents of this report reflect the views of the authors, who are responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the information presented herein. This document is disseminated under the sponsorship of Freeway congestion is a major problem in many urban areas. It has been estimated that freeway incidents (events that impede the flow of traffic:(More)
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