Anthony A. Sainz

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Although widely used, the term repellency needs to be employed with care when applied to ticks and other periodic or permanent ectoparasites. Repellency has classically been used to describe the effects of a substance that causes a flying arthropod to make oriented movements away from its source. However, for crawling arthropods such as ticks, the term(More)
Review of the data here presented, wherein categories of depressive states were isolated and identified before performing comparisons of antidepressant drugs, discloses that, when gauged against homogeneous samples of endogenous depressions, each drug has an individual therapeutic quotient. Current drugs are ineffective in exogenous depressions, because of(More)
It was shown that nine out of 34 schizophrenics randomly selected from a state hospital population could be hypnotized easily into a light trance or deeper. Elimination of the deteriorated, un-co-operative or lobotomized cases would raise the level to nine successful inductions in 23 patients. In the total group, in addition to the nine hypnotized, a(More)
Since the early days of research with ehlorpromazine and reserpine, it has been evident that knowledge and understanding of their side effects is necessary for their efficient use. With both, the incidence is rather high. UsuMly, over 50 per eent of the patients treated show some side reaction. In a study of 360 patients** (paranoid and catatonic(More)
Vesprin is an effective phrenopraxic drug of the broad spectrum type comparable to chlorpromazine in its general applications. It is more effective and less toxic than chlorpromazine and should be considered the first choice for the treatment of schizophrenic conditions and the obsessive-compulsive neurosis. It is of value in the treatment of senile(More)
A comparison is made between patients treated by other methods, and with chlorpromazine, who were suffering from severe acute alcoholic intoxication, post-intoxication withdrawal, delirium tremens and postdelirious agitation. Dosages and methods of administration are discussed, as are the side effects encountered. Chlorpromazine is found to be the drug of(More)