Anthony A. Prato

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Economic analysis can be a guide to determining the level of actions taken to reduce nitrogen (N) losses and reduce environmental risk in a cost-effective manner while also allowing consideration of relative costs of controls to various groups. The biophysical science of N control, especially from nonpoint sources such as agriculture, is not certain.(More)
Many challenges currently facing agriculture require long-term data on landscape-scale hydrologic responses to weather, such as from the Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed (GCEW), located in northeastern Missouri, USA. This watershed is prone to surface runoff despite shallow slopes, as a result of a significant smectitic clay layer 30 to 50 cm deep(More)
Little documentation of the watershed as a whole has been published, and only limited site descriptions have been collected into internal documents. One abstract described background information prior to the early 1990’s (Hjelmfelt et al., 1990). Alberts et al. (1993) and Ward et al. (1993; 1994) described the collection of water quality data that started(More)
The adolescents of our society are showing a declining interest in the disciplines of math and science. Science carries an almost negative perception amongst the youth of today. This phenomenon is especially apparent in my community: Albany, New York. Our goal was to spark interest in STEM fields within inner city kids. We related sports-a very popular(More)
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