Anthony A Gatti

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UNLABELLED Accelerometers provide a measure of step-count. Reliability and validity of step-count and pedal-revolution count measurements by the GT3X+ accelerometer, placed at different anatomical locations, is absent in the literature. The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability and validity of step and pedal-revolution counts produced by(More)
PURPOSE To compare the acute effect of running and bicycling of an equivalent cumulative load on knee cartilage composition and morphometry in healthy young men. A secondary analysis investigated the relationship between activity history and the change in cartilage composition after activity. METHODS In fifteen men (25.8±4.2 years), the vertical ground(More)
We have used the radial velocity variations of two sdB stars previously reported to be binaries to establish their orbital periods. They are PG0940+068, (P=8.33d) and PG1247+554 (P=0.599d). The minimum masses of the unseen companions, assuming a mass of 0.5M⊙ for the sdB stars, are 0.090± 0.003M⊙ for PG1247+554 and 0.63± 0.02M⊙ for PG0940+068. The nature of(More)
Using the Planetary Camera on board the Hubble Space Telescope we have measured the projected separation of the binary components in the nucleus of the planetary nebula Abell 35 to be larger than 0.08 but less than 0.14. The system was imaged in three filters centered at 2950Å, 3350Å and 5785Å. The white dwarf primary star responsible for ionizing the(More)
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