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The electricity networks' unifying in order to create a single electricity market represents a complex process. In last years, transmission corridors are considered an optimal solution for integration into a common electricity market. Real power exchanges between regions are achieved through another intermediary region and may cause congestion in(More)
The transmission network expansion planning (TNEP) problem is tackled within this paper. The TNEP study is approached for a real power system designed based on the Western and South-Western parts of the Romanian Power System. The study is performed considering 3 consumed power evolution scenarios and power transfers. The complete a.c. power flow computing(More)
The monthly load curve forecasting problem is discussed, being tackled using artificial neural networks (ANN). Authors are proposing an enhanced algorithm that includes nonlinear optimization techniques, such as the conjugate gradient. Thus, a software-tool has been developed. Case study refers to a real distribution network operator from the Western part(More)
This paper analysis allocation method based on equivalent bilateral exchanges considering the existence of uncertainties from electric power systems. The theoretical part address on a software tool developed in Mathlab environment and contains a part dedicated to probabilistic power flow computing and another part allocated to network usage allocated to(More)
The paper is focusing on artificial neural networks (ANN) based load forecasting. It is applied for hourly load and daily load curves forecasting. The backpropagation algorithm is presented. The basic propagation algorithm is completed with conjugated gradient and parabolic interpolation. A software tool has been developed in Matlab environment. The results(More)
The authors are focusing on developing a software tool designed for power consumption forecasting based on artificial neural networks (ANN). The hourly and peak consumed power and daily load curves are forecasted. The backpropagation algorithm is presented within the paper. Also, some practical considerations are highlighted, necessary to be known to(More)
Open access to the transmission network represents one of the important tasks for transmission and system operators. Moreover, increases of transactions in markets may lead to transmission network congestion. The approaches proposed for transmission congestion management are: generated power re-dispatching, generators outside the congested area dispatching,(More)
The renewable sources' influence regarding the distribution network expansion planning is tackled. The network expansion is discussed in two cases: with and without renewable sources. The obtained expansion solutions are analyzed and a final one is proposed by the authors. To achieve this goal network reconfiguration and N-1 contingecies are performed. The(More)
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