Anthea Sutton

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The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of management strategies for sciatica: systematic review and economic model R Lewis,* N Williams, HE Matar, N Din, D Fitzsimmons, C Phillips, M Jones, A Sutton, K Burton, S Nafees, M Hendry, I Rickard, R Chakraverty and C Wilkinson Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Cardiff University, School of(More)
Findings Nine papers were identified, covering the following topics: breast-feeding, antiretroviral and nutrition interventions [1]; paediatric resuscitation [2]; exercise and cognitive behavioural therapy [3]; hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer [4]; stroke [5,6]; chronic suppurative otitis media [7]; Paget’s disease [8]; and shared(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the evidence on public involvement in the systematic review process in health and social care; to examine the different methods, levels and stages of involving the public; to synthesise the contributions of the public, as well as the identified tensions, facilitating strategies and recommendations for good practice. METHOD Systematic(More)
BACKGROUND Literature for a systematic review on the student experience of e-learning is located across a range of subject areas including health, education, social science, library and information science. OBJECTIVES To assess the merits and shortcomings of using different search techniques in retrieval of evidence in the social science literature. (More)
INTRODUCTION Continuing professional development and education is vital to the provision of better health services and outcomes. The aim of this study is to contribute to the evidence base by performing a systematic review of qualitative data from studies reporting health professionals' experience of e-learning. No such previous review has been published.(More)
OBJECTIVES To systematically review the UK published literature on e-learning in the health workplace and to apply the findings to one of the most prolific UK e-learning initiatives in the health sector--the National Library for Health Facilitated Online Learning Interactive Opportunity (FOLIO) Programme. METHODS Sensitive searches were conducted across(More)
Recent years have seen tremendous growth in knowledge management projects within the NHS. Project staff must acquire rapidly a wide range of task-related skills. Conventional training courses may be inappropriately timed or unavailable to project staff. Action learning provides a group-based means of meeting skills deficits associated with project(More)
BACKGROUND Children's and adolescent's speech and language difficulties (SaLD) can affect various domains of quality of life (QoL), and speech and language therapy interventions are critical to improving QoL. Systematically measuring QoL outcomes in this population is highly complex due to factors such as heterogeneity in impairments and differing targets(More)
This paper reviews the recent literature on public involvement in the systematic review process. We examine how relevant organizations involve the public in their review processes and how the public are involved in individual reviews. We identified nine surveys or reports of public involvement in systematic reviews at an organizational level and eight(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) is increasingly used to assess patients for myocardial viability prior to revascularisation. This is important to ensure that only those likely to benefit are subjected to the risk of revascularisation. OBJECTIVES To assess current evidence on the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of CMR to test patients(More)