Anthea L. Mitchell

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The study investigated the use of aerial photographs, acquired in 1950 and1991, for assessing the temporal dynamics of mangroves along the WestAlligator River in Australia's Northern Territory. For both years,mangrove extent was mapped using an unsupervised classification of thedigital orthomosaic and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), or height maps,of the(More)
– The joint processing of remote sensing data acquired from sensors operating at different wavelengths has the potential to significantly improve the operation of global forest mapping and monitoring systems. This paper presents an analysis of the forest discrimination properties of Landsat TM and ALOS-PALSAR data when considered as a combined source of(More)
In this paper, the use of airborne polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for retreiving information on the structure and biomass of mangroves in the Pacific (Australia) and Atlantic (French Guiana) oceanic regions is considered. The study makes a comparison between the biomass and structure of the different communities and how these impact on the SAR(More)
Areal sample units are explored as an alternative to conventional point-based samples for map accuracy assessment. Three analyses are examined: confidence limits on estimates of the total amount of each landcover, regression of map data versus reference data, and a two-part confusion matrix approach. It is concluded that areal sample units provide some(More)