Anthea K. Batchelor

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We describe a gene, SCB1 (Seed Coat BURP-domain protein 1), that is expressed specifically within the soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merrill) seed coat early in its development. Northern blot analysis and mRNA in situ hybridization revealed novel patterns of gene expression during seed development. SCB1 mRNA accumulated first within the developing thick-walled(More)
A seed coat-specific gene, SCS1 (Seed Coat Subtilisin 1), from soybean, Glycine max [L.] Merill, has been identified and studied. The gene belongs to a small family of genes with sequence similarity to the subtilisins, which are serine proteases. Northern blot analysis showed that SCS1 RNA accumulates to maximal levels in seed coats at 12 days post(More)
The soybean Ep gene encodes an anionic peroxidase enzyme that accumulates in large amounts in seed coat tissues. We have isolated a second peroxidase gene, Prx2, that is also highly expressed in developing seed coat tissues. Sequence analysis of Prx2 cDNA indicates that this transcript encodes a cationic peroxidase isozyme that is far removed from Ep in(More)
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