Antero Metso

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Mobile micromovies are a new, emerging art form. We study their possibilities and restrictions via identifying different classes of micromovies. Our analysis is based on the material from a script competition. We have used scripts instead of completed micromovies to minimize the effects of the current technical limitations in implementation and thus to get(More)
Ubiquitous services are designed to help senior citizens' daily lives. Living processes and middleware are the key enablers of ubiquitous services. In this paper a ubiquitous service system is established with detailed descriptions of its key components and their functions. Game engine is proposed as middleware for ubiquitous services. This paper discusses(More)
In society where the numbers of elderly people is growing rapidly, there is an urgent need to have smart ambient environments. It is important to design novel user interfaces for senior citizens to ease their daily lives. This paper presents a projection based display system for elderly people with memory problem. The proposed user interface for the system(More)
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