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Physical performance of Finnish adolescents (33 females, 44 males) with moderate intellectual disability (ID) was studied over a 30 year period. This study is an extension of Lahtinen's previous work on documenting the performance of individuals with intellectual disabilities over time. This study consisted of analyzing data from a total of four data(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of HIV infection in travellers attending the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London, and to assess correlates and behavioural risk factors for infection. DESIGN All patients tested for HIV infection during a 28-month period were included. Information was obtained from clinical records and standardised serological(More)
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  • A Malin
  • 1993
This paper attempts to explore the understanding of resistance from a self-psychological perspective through presenting a case report. This view is contrasted to the traditional psychoanalytic model which assumes that whatever impedes the analysis is a resistance, and construes such resistance in terms of the drive-defence model. The motivation for this(More)
Language is important in the creation of a painful or non-painful context for fitting contact lenses. This article discusses two types of language use and demonstrates the consequent experience each creates for the patient. The authors also emphasize the importance of acceptance and utilization of responses offered by the patient to further the goals of a(More)
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