Antero Järvi

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Multi-homing, a strategy where a developer is publishing products for multiple platforms, is studied in this paper using descriptive analysis. The data of over 850,000 applications and their developers were collected from Apple App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace. The developers publishing for several software ecosystems were(More)
An algorithm for variable quality image compression is given. The idea is to encode di erent parts of an image with di erent bit rates depending on their importance. Variable quality image compression (VQIC) can be applied when a priori knowledge on some regions or details being more important than others is available. Our target application is digital(More)
The health of a software ecosystem is argued to be a key indicator of well-being, longevity and performance of a network of companies. In this paper, we addresswhat scientific literature actuallymeanswith the concept of ‘ecosystem health’ by selecting relevant articles with systematic literature review. Based on the final set of 38 papers, we found that(More)
Start-ups and game development are trending topics. There are established methods for both, but these are not suitable as such for starting game companies developing their first commercial game product. In this paper, a design for a series of accelerator programs, targeted for the first-time game developers, and an accompanying research approach are(More)
Oy:n ajankohtaisiin kehityshankkeisiin. One focus in software development is to achieve high quality without loss of agility in the development process. In software engineering an agile development process is able to react to frequently changing customer requirements and also able to develop the software in small well tested increments. This is not an easy(More)