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The harmony search (HS) method is a popular meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, which has been extensively employed to handle various engineering problems. However, it sometimes fails to offer a satisfactory convergence performance under certain circumstances. In this paper, we propose and study a hybrid HS approach, HS–PBIL, by merging the HS together(More)
The online monitoring of induction motors is becoming increasingly important. The main difficulty in this task is the lack of an accurate analytical model to describe a faulty motor. A fuzzy logic approach may help to diagnose induction motor faults. This work presents a reliable method for the detection of stator winding faults (which make up 38% of(More)
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The ability of the electromagnetic flux measured in various locations of a 35-kW cage induction motor to provide useful information about faults was investigated. The usefulness of this monitoring parameter was assessed in comparison with some other electrical parameters used for fault detection, such as stator phase current and circulating currents between(More)
Numerical magnetic field analysis is used for predicting the performance of an induction motor and a slip-ring generator having different faults implemented in their structure. Virtual measurement data provided by the numerical magnetic field analysis are analysed using modern signal processing techniques to get a reliable indication of the fault. Support(More)
The aim of this research was to discover the best indicators of induction motor faults, as well as suitable techniques for monitoring the condition of induction motors. Numerical magnetic field analysis was used with the objective of generating reliable virtual data to be analysed with modern signal processing and soft-computing techniques. In the first(More)
The paper deals with the electromagnetic forces in induction machines when the rotor is performing eccentric motion with respect to the stator. The studied eccentric motions of the rigid cage rotor are cylindrical circular whirling motion, symmetric conical whirling motion and the combination of these two basic modes of eccentric motions. The multi-slice,(More)