Anteneh Habte

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Lungs are the central organ affected and targeted by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and immune processes in the lung are of critical importance in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis. A major lung defense against invading pathogens is provided by surfactant protein A, a multi-chain protein encoded by the SFTPA1 and SFTPA2 genes. Here, we investigated polymorphisms(More)
The prevalence and pattern of CAM utilization in the United States were reported by Eisenberg et al in two papers published in 1993 and 1998 [1,2]. A total of 1539 and 2055 adults participated in the 1991 and 1997 surveys, respectively. It was reported that the use of alternative therapies increased from 33.8% in 1990 to 42.1% in 1997. The modality that(More)
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