Ante Cvitkovic

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Currently used diagnostic criteria in different endemic (Balkan) nephropathy (EN) centers involve different combinations of parameters, various cut-off values and many of them are not in agreement with proposed international guidelines. Leaders of EN centers began to address these problems at scientific meetings, and this paper is the outgrowth of those(More)
We describe excretion of measles vaccine strain Schwarz in a child who developed a febrile rash illness eight days after primary immunisation against measles, mumps and rubella. Throat swabs and urine specimens were collected on the fifth and sixth day of illness, respectively. Genotyping demonstrated measles vaccine strain Schwarz (genotype A). If measles(More)
SUMMARY Scopulariopsis (S.) brevicaulis (Saccardo) Bainier 1907 is a ubiquitous fungus frequently isolated as a saprophyte from various layers of the soil, wood, straw, paper, food, and occasionally in animals and humans. This nondermatophyte filamentous fungus is multiresis-tant and is frequently associated with onychomycosis in humans. In the last two(More)
The aim of this paper was to assess relationship between possible endemic nephropathy (EN) markers visually by the CoPlot methodology, and to illustrate this promising data analysis approach. From 912 screened persons in 3 Croatian endemic villages, 25 persons were diagnosed as confirmed EN patients, 371 as non-EN, and the remainder were classified as(More)
Endemic nephropathy is a chronic tubulointerstitial disease characterized by early damage to the proximal tubule, with low-molecular weight proteinuria being an important hallmark and possible tool for early diagnosis. The aim of this retrospective cohort study was to assess the risk of developing endemic nephropathy in subjects with proteinuria from the(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertension is not considered to be a characteristic of endemic nephropathy (EN). Recent observations suggested that it might be more prevalent than it was reported before. AIM The aim of our study was to analyze prevalence, treatment and control of hypertension in a Croatian endemic area. METHODS In the present cross-sectional study, 1,602(More)
We are reporting on a household outbreak of measles, in which cases of simultaneous measles and chickenpox infection occured in children of a family who resided in Italy during the incubation period (June 2011). In three children, fever and generalized confluent macular rash were the dominant symptoms. Serology testing revealed simultaneous measles and(More)
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