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Patients with moderately severe Parkinson's disease complicated by the adverse effects of chronic levodopa use benefited from the addition of bromocriptine (Parlodel; Sandoz) in doses up to 26 mg daily, which allowed an approximate 30% reduction of levodopa dose. This resulted in a significant decrease in the amount of levodopa side-effects while(More)
Almost all patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease respond to levodopa and progress steadily, requiring an increased overall dosage with time. Sinemet CR4 offers a theoretically attractive method of achieving gradual sustained release of levodopa over time which may be more physiological to striatal dopamine receptors in the early stages of the(More)
In diabetic patients, excessive peak plantar pressure has been identified as major risk factor for ulceration. Analyzing plantar pressure distributions potentially improves the identification of patients with a high risk for foot ulceration development. The goal of this study was to classify regional plantar pressure distributions. By means of a(More)
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