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Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are of interest to the high performance computing (HPC) computing community because they offer lower power consumption and higher throughput compared to traditional processors. Recently, the implementation of floating-point operations on FPGAs has become possible as the amount of memory available on FGPAs has(More)
The David Taylor Research Center and the U.S. Naval Academy, Electrical Engineering Department developed an ultrasonic technique for the nondestructive evaluation of shipboard machinery conditions. The ultrasonic wear particle sensor (UWPS) quantitatively measures the amount and size of wear-generated debris in the machinery lubricating oil by employing(More)
Recent improvements in the memory capacity of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) have spurred interest in using the devices for arithmetic floating-point operations. However, adapting a program designed to run on a sequential processor to be run instead on an FPGA can be time-consuming and difficult for anyone lacking significant experience in hardware(More)
A Bluetooth based “power node” has been developed for monitoring and controlling power systems on board US Navy Vessels. For this application a “power node” is defined as an electronic system, which collects information from many sensors and makes appropriate control decisions based on the occurrence of well-defined events. Bluetooth is a low cost, low(More)
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