Antônio L. P. Ribeiro

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This work investigated if methods used to produce a uniformly sampled heart rate variability (HRV) time series significantly change the deterministic signature underlying the dynamics of such signals and some nonlinear measures of HRV. Two methods of preprocessing were used: the convolution of inverse interval function values with a rectangular window and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate psychometric validity and reliability properties of the CARDIOSATIS-Team scale and measure physician satisfaction before and after the implementation of the project. This scale was designed to evaluate physician satisfaction with the healthcare delivered for cardiovascular diseases in cities that participate in a telemedicine system.(More)
This paper introduces a technique for predicting death in patients with Chagas disease using features extracted from symbolic series and time-frequency indices of heart rate variability (HRV). The study included 150 patients: 15 patients who died and 135 who did not. The HRV series were obtained from 24-h Holter monitoring. Sequences of symbols from 5-min(More)
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