Antônio J. R. da Silva

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Ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) allows one to probe complex potential energy surfaces at finite temperatures. Here we extend this technique to the analysis of vertical excited states along ground-state AIMD trajectories. We illustrate this idea via comparison to the silver trimer anion photoionization experiments of Boo et al. This work displayed an(More)
Java is a successful programming environment and its use has grown from little embedded applications until enterprise network servers based on J2EE. This intensive use of Java demands the validation of their fault tolerance mechanisms to avoid unexpected behavior of the applications at runtime. This paper describes the design and implementation of a fault(More)
We focus on the dynamic relation between wage increases, promotions and job changes. In the empirical analyses, we use the Portuguese-matched employer–employee data Quadros de Pessoal. We find substantial wage returns to both promotions and job-to-job transitions. Our results are not consistent with models of full information and symmetric learning in a(More)
This thesis deals with the automatic generation of meshes of quadrilateral elements over surfaces of a general solid using an advancing front approach. The algorithm is based on paving, a method proposed by Blacker et al. to mesh planar surfaces. We adopt a CAD integration approach and use AutoCAD-12 to generate the solid and the AutoCAD Development System(More)
The process of teaching-learning based on lessons spoken-exposed, having the blackboard as the main didactic resource, does not currently brings attractiveness consistent and coherent with the environment in which elementary school students are involved with, full of technologies and innovations. Computers had and have a decisive role in changing this(More)
Eleven density functionals are compared with regard to their performance for the lattice constants of solids. We consider standard functionals, such as the local-density approximation and the Perdew-Burke-Ernzerhof ͑PBE͒ generalized-gradient approximation ͑GGA͒, as well as variations of PBE GGA, such as PBEsol and similar functionals, PBE-type functionals(More)
From the first stages of star and galaxy formation, non-gravitational processes such as ram pressure stripping, SNs, galactic winds, AGNs, galaxy-galaxy mergers, etc... lead to the enrichment of the IGM in stars, metals as well as dust, via the ejection of galactic material into the IGM. We know now that these processes shape, side by side with gravitation,(More)
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