Antônio J.M. Cataneo

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A 20-year experience with the treatment of 74 patients (83.8% children) for foreign body aspiration is reviewed. The object of this review is to show the clinical manifestations, the radiological findings, the nature and distribution in the bronchial tree, and complications due to longstanding (months or years) foreign bodies in the bronchial tree. The most(More)
Herein, we aimed at identifying global transcriptome microRNA (miRNA) changes and miRNA target genes in lung adenocarcinoma. Samples were selected as training (N = 24) and independent validation (N = 34) sets. Tissues were microdissected to obtain >90% tumor or normal lung cells, subjected to miRNA transcriptome sequencing and TaqMan quantitative PCR(More)
This report describes a case of a 49-year-old man with cough, recurrent hemoptysis, and dyspnea during 18 months, presenting with radiological findings of alveolar infiltrate and cystic lesions in left upper lobe. Laboratory studies revealed normocytic hypochromic anemia and normal coagulation tests. C-reactive protein and mucoproteins were negative. Serum(More)
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