Antônio Gilberto Ferreira

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Propolis is a resin produced by bees from raw material collected from plants, salivary secretions, and beeswax. New therapeutic properties for the Central Nervous System have emerged. We explored the neurobehavioral and antioxidant effects of an ethanolic extract of yellow propolis (EEYP) rich in triterpenoids, primarily lupeol and β-amyrin. Male Wistar(More)
Dibromotyrosine-derived metabolites are of common occurrence within marine sponges belonging to the order Verongida. However, previous chemical analysis of crude extracts obtained from samples of the verongid sponge Aplysina fulva collected in Brazil did not provide any dibromotyrosine-derived compounds. In this investigation, five samples of A. fulva from(More)
The chemical investigation of the cytotoxic and antituberculosis active MeOH crude extract of the marine sponge Pachychalina sp. led to the isolation of six new nitrogenous metabolites, including ingenamine G (1), as well as a mixture of new cyclostellettamines G, H, I, K, and L (10-14) with the known cyclostellettamines A-F (4-9). Structural assignments of(More)
The chemical reactions carried out by microorganisms have been used as a tool in modern chemistry. This paper reports the production of mycophenolic acid and a new phthalide by the endophytic fungus Penicillium crustosum obtained from coffee seeds. The fungus was cultivated in a liquid medium for a period of seven days and after that the culture medium was(More)
A model betalainic dye was semisynthesized from betanin, the magenta pigment of the red beet, and was effective for live-cell imaging of Plasmodium-infected red blood cells. This water-soluble fluorescent probe is photostable, excitable in the visible region and cell membrane-permeable, and its photophysical properties are not notably pH-sensitive.(More)
Lippia gracilis Schauer is an aromatic plant widely found in Northeastern Brazil. The leaf infusions or decoctions and alcoholic macerate are used for some inflammatory diseases and headache. This paper reports the isolation of naringenin by semi-preparative liquid chromatography from the methanolic extract of L. gracilis (ELg) and the evaluation of the(More)
The chemical composition and biological activity of a sample of yellow propolis from Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil (EEP-Y MS), were investigated for the first time and compared with green, brown, and red types of Brazilian propolis and with a sample of yellow propolis from Cuba. Overall, EEP-Y MS had different qualitative chemical profiles, as well as(More)
Coffee brings many health benefits due to its chemical constituents. Based on this information, it is essential to know the main chemical compounds from coffee granules; the intermolecular interaction among the coffees compounds and the molecular components homogeneity. In this study six types of roasted commercial coffee were evaluated by solid state(More)
The main objective of this work is to show how FUNCEME (Ceará State Foundation for Meteorology and Water Resources) has used METEOSAT images to carry out a more accurate monitoring and forecast of weather and climate in the Northeast Region of Brazil, mainly in the semi-arid area. In the last thirteen years, the Northeast Brazil has been punished with six(More)
We report the synthesis and total NMR characterization of 5-thia-1-azabicyclo-[4.2.0]oct-2-ene-2-carboxylic acid-3-[[[(4''-nitrophenoxy)carbonyl]oxy]-methyl]-8-oxo-7-[(2-thienyloxoacetyl)amino]-diphenylmethyl ester-5-dioxide (5), a new cephalosporin derivative. This compound can be used as the carrier of a wide range of drugs containing an amino group. The(More)