Antônio Cláudio Paschoarelli Veiga

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This work aims to evaluate how does the performance of the iris localization algorithms is influenced by severe compression of eye images used in an automatic iris recognition system. The correct localization of the iris region is essential to guarantee the credibility of the biometric recognition. As it is the first processing stage of the system, it is(More)
A very common problem in forestry is the realization of the forest inventory. The forest inventory is very important because it allows the trading of medium- and long-term timber to be extracted. On completion , the inventory is necessary to measure different diameters and total height to calculate their volumes. However, due to the high number of trees and(More)
In this work, diameters of Eucalyptus trees are predicted by means of Multilayer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function artificial neural networks. By taking only three diameter measures at the base of the tree, diameters are predicted recursively until they reach the value of minimum merchantable diameter, with no previous knowledge of total tree height. It(More)
The growing concern with security and access control to places and sensitive information has contributed for the increased utilization of biometric systems. Biometry is the name given to the techniques used to recognize people automatically through physical and behavioural characteristics of the human body such as those found on the face, fingerprint, hand(More)
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