Antônio B. Anderson

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Tropical forests dominated by only one or two tree species occupy tens of millions of hectares in Ammonia In many cases, the dominant species produce fruits, seeds, or oils of economic importance. Oligarchic (Gr. oligo = few, archic = dominated or ruled by) forests of six economic species, i. e., Euterpe oleracea, Grias peruviana, Jessenia bataua, Mauritia(More)
Prentice and Sheppard (1995, Biometrika 82, 113-125) proposed a method for estimating relative risks associated with poorly measured exposures using disease rates from multiple populations and exposure and confounding factor data from sample surveys of persons in each population. The method involved an assumption of independence of disease rates across(More)
Hybridization has been described in several families of coral reef fishes (Montanari et al. 2012), including grunts (genus Haemulon) (Rocha et al. 2008). Here, we report the presence of a hybrid between two species of Anisotremus grunts, the porkfish, A. virginicus, and the black margate, A. surinamensis, from Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro (23°S, 42°W).(More)
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