Antônia Elenir Amâncio Oliveira

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Bruchid beetles infest various seeds. The seed coat is the first protective barrier against bruchid infestation. Although non-host seed coats often impair the oviposition, eclosion and survival of(More)
Seeds sprouts have been used as a good source of basic nutrients and nutraceutical compounds. The high nutritional value of seeds derives from the deposition of compounds during development. However(More)
Tribolium castaneum is a pest of stored foods that causes serious economic losses. Understanding insect nutritional requirements and the effects of different diets on insect development can provide(More)
The major Ricinus communis allergens are the 2S albumins, Ric c 1 and Ric c 3. These proteins contain a trypsin/α-amylase inhibitor family domain, suggesting that they have a role in insect(More)
The outer-covering of seeds is known as the seed coat, and this is the seed's first protective barrier against the penetration of insects. In this sense, seed coat toxicity can affect insect(More)