António Varela

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The usual drug used in the Wada test is amobarbital, but it is not available in Brazil. Propofol was already used by Bazin et al. in 1998, and in their report the test resulted good in the absence of any adverse effect. We report the use of propofol as the anesthetic for the Wada test. The test was carried out in a 26 years old woman with temporal medial(More)
Smoothing filters have been extensively used in image and video analysis. In particular, directional smoothers have been employed in motion analysis, edge detection, line parameter estimation, and texture analysis. Such applications often necessitate the use of several directional filters oriented at different angles. However, applying a large number of(More)
We present the case of a 36 year old woman with systemic lupus erythematosus with hematological, skin and joint affection, with an onset 21 years prior. The immunologic study showed positive ANA (titer 1:1,000, homogeneous pattern), anti-DNA, anti-ENA and anti-Ro (SSA). She presented multiple hard subcutaneous nodules on the trunk and extremities since 10(More)
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