António V. Sousa

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This paper describes a new methodology for lane detection in Thin-Layer Chromatography images. An approach based on the continuous wavelet transform is used to enhance the relevant lane information contained in the intensity profile obtained from image data projection. Lane detection proceeds in three phases: the first obtains a set of candidate lanes,(More)
This paper describes a new methodology for automatic location of the optic disc in retinal images, based on the combination of information taken from the blood vessel network with intensity data. The distribution of vessel orientations around an image point is quantified using the new concept of entropy of vascular directions. The robustness of the method(More)
In this paper, we propose and evaluate methodologies for the classification of images from thin-layer chromatography. Each individual sample is characterized by an intensity profile that is further represented into a feature space. The first steps of this process aim at obtaining a robust estimate of the intensity profile by filtering noise, reducing the(More)