António Santos

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This paper describes the development, deployment and trial results from 9 volunteers using the eCAALYX system. The eCAALYX system is an ambient assisted living telemonitoring system aimed at older adults suffering with co-morbidity. Described is a raw account of the challenges that exist and results in bringing a Telemedicine system from laboratory to(More)
The incidence of colorectal cancer is increasing among young patients. In these patients, colorectal cancer is believed to have a poorer prognosis because it is more aggressive and diagnosed at later stages; however, the behavior of these tumors in young patients remains to be elucidated. We investigated the impact of time interval between onset of symptoms(More)
All over the world there are millions of people who are living with long-term motor impairments caused by a stroke or any other kind of corticospinal tract injuries. The physical rehabilitation of these patients is usually slow and demotivating. In this paper we introduce Kinteract, a novel solution that applies the paradigm of using motion-based games in(More)
This paper discusses a framework for Cooperative Engineering (CE) and its prototype implementation. Cooperative Engineering concerns the application of Concurrent Engineering techniques to the design and development of products and of their manufacturing systems by a network of companies coming together exclusively for that purpose. CE is a common practice(More)
According to statistics, one in every three adults ageing 65 or older falls every year. Every fall may lead to long-term consequences due to fractures or even neurological damages. These consequences have severe impact in their quality of life, independence and confidence, ultimately increasing the risk of early death. Moreover, the risk of falling(More)
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