António Rodrigues

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BACKGROUND Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common infectious diseases at the community level. In order to assess the adequacy of the empirical therapy, the prevalence and the resistance pattern of the main bacteria responsible for UTI in the community (in Aveiro, Portugal) was evaluated throughout a ten-year period. METHODS In this(More)
—With the help of an in-band full-duplex relay station, it is possible to simultaneously transmit and receive signals from multiple users. The performance of such system can be greatly increased when the relay station is equipped with a large number of antennas on both transmitter and receiver sides. In this paper, we exploit the use of massive arrays to(More)
A highly modular and configurable platform for designing parallel H.264 video encoders on multi-core processors is presented. Departing from the H.264/AVC reference software, preliminary optimizations were conducted and new data structures were developed, in order to support the encoder's parallelization and to confer the developed platform with a flexible,(More)
Studies have shown that when data fusion schemes are used in cooperative spectrum sensing, there is a significant gap between the available resources and the ones perceived by the network. In this paper a cluster based adaptive counting rule is proposed , where the local detectors that experience similar signal conditions are grouped by the fusion center in(More)