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In this paper a new pedestrian mobility model for outdoor scenarios is presented. It captures realistic features like moving-in-groups, conscious traveling and smart traveling. The routing algorithm proposed within the model works under a step by step approach, leading users to their destination while, at the same time, using more attractable streets from a(More)
In this letter, methods and corresponding complexities for fast matrix inversion updates in the context of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) are studied. In particular, we propose an on-the-fly method to recompute the zero forcing (ZF) filter when a user is added or removed from the system. Additionally, we evaluate the recalculation of the(More)
Spectrum sensing is the key mechanism in enabling spectrum awareness in Cognitive Radio. The performance of the spectrum sensing depends on the local channel conditions, such as the multipath, shadowing and the receiver uncertainty issues. The conjunction of these conditions can result in regimes where the signal SNR is below the detection threshold of the(More)
A highly modular and configurable platform for designing parallel H.264 video encoders on multi-core processors is presented. Departing from the H.264/AVC reference software, preliminary optimizations were conducted and new data structures were developed, in order to support the encoder's parallelization and to confer the developed platform with a flexible,(More)