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The myelodysplastic syndromes (MDSs) are heterogeneous with respect to clinical characteristics, pathologic features, and cytogenetic abnormalities. This heterogeneity is a challenge for evaluating response to treatment. Therapeutic trials in MDS have used various criteria to assess results, making cross-study comparisons problematic. In 2000, an(More)
PURPOSE We retrospectively compared the clinical value of plain abdominal film, abdominal sonography and abdominal CT in diagnosing gallstone ileus in 27 patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS 27 patients (23 women and 4 men, age range 58-96 years; mean age 71.5 years) with surgically proven gallstone ileus were submitted to plain film, sonography and CT of the(More)
Injury to the adrenal gland is often incidentally diagnosed with Computed Tomography (CT) following blunt abdominal trauma. In a high percentage of cases, it is accompanied by other intra-abdominal, retroperitoneal or intrathoracic injuries. Although not usually clinically significant, adrenal traumatic lesions can be a source of infection, as well as a(More)
The role of vascularization in the process of bone resorption has not been clarified. The interactions between vascular endothelium and osteoclast progenitors were analyzed using clonal cell lines of bone-derived endothelial and preosteoclastic cells. Insulin-like growth factor I is a major chemotactic stimulator of preosteoclastic cell migration mediated(More)
1. We have studied the effect of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA, 2.5 - 30 mg kg(-1), i.p.) on upper gastrointestinal transit in control mice and in mice with chronic intestinal inflammation induced by croton oil. 2. PEA significantly and dose-dependently decreased intestinal transit. The inhibitory effect of PEA (10 mg kg(-1)) was not modified by the(More)
HCV has been associated with NHL, but the evidence from case series and case-control studies is not totally consistent. Between 1999 and 2002, we conducted a hospital case-control study on the association between HCV, HBV and NHL in 2 areas of Italy where HCV infection is relatively frequent. Cases (n = 225, median age 59 years) were consecutive patients(More)
Muscle contraction involves the interaction of the myosin heads of the thick filaments with actin subunits of the thin filaments. Relaxation occurs when this interaction is blocked by molecular switches on these filaments. In many muscles, myosin-linked regulation involves phosphorylation of the myosin regulatory light chains (RLCs). Electron microscopy of(More)
Few studies have examined the relationship between inflammatory biomarker blood levels, cardioembolic stroke subtype and neurological deficit. So the aim of our study is to evaluate plasma levels of immuno-inflammatory variables in patients with cardio-embolic acute ischaemic stroke compared to other diagnostic subtypes and to evaluate the relationship(More)
BACKGROUND The protease-activated receptor-2 (PAR-2) is expressed by vascular endothelial cells and upregulated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in vitro. PAR-2 is activated by a tethered ligand created after proteolytic cleavage by trypsin or experimentally by a synthetic agonist peptide (PAR-2AP) corresponding to the new amino terminus of the tethered ligand.(More)
Anal endosonography (US) is a valuable tool to represent the normal anatomy of the anal canal and also to reliably examine patients with anal conditions. Our series consisted of 40 patients with suspected inflammatory and traumatic conditions of the anal canal submitted to anal US, which showed the presence of abscesses in 18 patients with suspected anal(More)