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In the last few years, various middleware solutions have been proposed for bridging the gap between the complexity of the applications and the low hardware abstraction in order to program and manage the sensor nodes of the wireless sensor networks. The proposed middleware range from market and data-centric approaches to message oriented middleware. This(More)
The technological advances in medical sensors, low-power microelectronics and miniaturization, wireless communications and networks have enabled the appearance of a new generation of wireless sensor networks: the so-called wireless body area networks (WBAN). These networks can be used for continuous monitoring of vital parameters, movement, and the(More)
This work addresses the interconnection of the IntServ and DiffServ models. In particular, new mapping mechanisms between the Controlled-Load service (CL) of the IntServ model and the Assured Forward (AF) Per-Hop-Behaviours group of the DiffServ model, are proposed and analysed by simulation. The proposed mechanisms have a dynamic nature and they are(More)
Fire keeps claiming a large number of victims in building fires. Although there are ways to minimize such events, fire drills are used to train the building occupants for emergency situations. However, organizing and implement these exercises is a complex task, and sometimes not sucessfull. Furthermore, fire drills require the mobilization of some finantial(More)
The low average birth rate in developed countries and the increase in life expectancy have lead society to face for the first time an ageing situation. This situation associated with the World's economic crisis (which started in 2008) forces the need of equating better and more efficient ways of providing more quality of life for the elderly. In this(More)