António Moreira

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BACKGROUND There is concern that terminally ill cancer patients are over treated with chemotherapy, even when such treatment is unlikely to palliate symptoms. The study objective was to evaluate the use of chemotherapy in the last three months of life in a cohort of adult patients with advanced solid tumours. METHODS All adult patients with solid tumours(More)
Experience and research reports agree that the timely contribution of participants, namely students and tutors, in distributed learning communities, is a key factor for the achievement of the collective and individual learning aims. The technological support required for Internet based distributed learning communities provides means to effectively trace the(More)
The increasing importance of distance learning has been a boosting element for the emergence of Internet based education services. This area of activity imposes new challenges to the participants, and experience shows that management of the dynamics of activities is a key factor for the success of Internet based educational actions. This paper reports some(More)
  • Fernando Ramos, Marta Pinto, Dalila Coelho, Rui Raposo, Lúcia Pombo, Luís Pedro +7 others
  • 2015
This chapter presents a comprehensive view of the main activities and findings of a research project entitled TRACER-Portuguese Public Higher Education Use of Communication Technologies, which focused on how the information about the use of Communication Technologies in Higher Education Institutions can be collected, systematized, processed, and deployed to(More)
The 5dpo team is currently building new omni-directional robots. The new robots have controlled force Electro Magnetic passing/kicking mechanism as well as a roller device. The vision system has been ported to Linux in order to reduce system lag and eliminate previous issues of control degradations caused by non-synchronisation of frames. Team strategy is(More)
In his well-known book The Library (1987) 1 , Umberto Eco writes about the role of the library which has evolved and changed over the centuries according to the social, historical, and cultural contexts of society in general, adapting to the transformation of mentalities and the conquests brought about by the constant advancement of knowledge and science.(More)
Access to free antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Sub-Saharan Africa has been steadily increasing over the past decade. However, the success of large-scale ART programmes depends on timely diagnosis and early initiation of HIV care. This study characterizes late presenters to HIV care in Santiago (Cape Verde) between 2004 and 2011, and identifies factors(More)