António Mendes Lopes

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This paper presents the energy analysis of periodic gaits for multi-legged locomotion systems. The main purpose is to determine the system performance during walking and the best set of locomotion variables that minimizes a cost function related to energy. For that objective, the prescribed motion of the robot is completely characterized in terms of several(More)
A novel control strategy of robotic manipulators is presented in this paper: the force-impedance controller. This controller enables two kinds of behaviour: force limited impedance control and position limited force control. The type of behaviour only depends on the chosen manipulator trajectories. Free space error dynamics and post-contact manipulator(More)
This work reports on a novel use of Information and Communication Technologies for composing an electronic book on the measurement field. The e-book " Laboratórios de Instrumentação para Medição/Laboratories of Instrumentation for Measurement " is written in Portuguese and in English. Dealing with concepts, methods, procedures and hands-on activity it(More)
Virtual reality and haptics are novel human-machine interaction technologies which have shown a good application potential in many fields such as medical, entertainment, manufacturing, and education areas in the last 20 years. Especially for dental surgery simulation and training, they provide a new and low-cost approach whereby dentists can practice(More)