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Aphids are a serious threat to agriculture, despite being a rather small group of insects. The about 4,000 species worldwide engage in highly interesting and complex relationships with their microbial fauna. One of the key symbionts in arthropods is Wolbachia, an α-Proteobacterium implicated in many important biological processes and believed to be a(More)
Two species of stick insects are currently known to be present in the Macaronesian archipelagos: Clonopsis gallica (Charpentier) (Phasmatodea: Bacillidae) on the Canary Islands and in the Azores and Carausius morosus (Sinéty) (Phasmatidae) in the Azores. Here, we provide the first reliable records of the presence and distribution of C. gallica and C.(More)
Crenidorsum aroidephagus Martin & Aguiar sp. nov., a New World native, is here described, colo-nising several members of the plant family Araceae in Central and South America, southern USA, the Pacific Region and Madeira. It is becoming a minor problem for growers of ornamental-foliage plants. It has recently been discovered in the glasshouse of a botanic(More)
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