António M. Caetano

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Continuity envelopes for the spaces of generalised smoothness B (s,Ψ) pq (R) and F (s,Ψ) pq (R) are studied in the so-called supercritical case s = 1+n/p, paralleling recent developments for a corresponding limiting case for local growth envelopes of spaces of such a type. In addition, the power of the concept is used in proving conditions for some(More)
Editor: M. Mumford Departing from the functional leadership model, we propose a team leadership training model as a way to improve the performance of leadership functions and foster team effectiveness. Based on a longitudinal quasi-experimental study involving ninety 6-person teams, 45 trained leaderswere compared to 45 untrained leaders at two points in(More)
We characterize local embeddings of Besov spaces B p,r involving only a slowly varying smoothness b into classical Lorentz spaces. These results are applied to establish sharp local embeddings of Besov spaces in question into Lorentz-Karamata spaces. As consequence of these results, we are able to determine growth envelopes of spaces B p,r and to show that(More)
ing approximation methods Pedro A. Santos Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal <> Let L(H) be the C∗-algebra of all bounded linear operators acting on the Hilbert space H and A ∈ L(H) be invertible. Then a sequence (An) ⊂ L(H) tending in the norm to A has the property that there is a n0 such that the operators An, n > n0 are(More)
This manuscript examined the psychometric properties and factor structure of the emotional contagion scale in a Portuguese sample. The original scale was first given to a sample of 1445 individuals to verify its internal consistency. Both exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were performed. Results suggested that the data from the emotional(More)