António Lucas Soares

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The right choice of the method of organizational analysis to use is a key factor in the process of requirements analysis and specification of an information system. Although a high number of approaches of organizational analysis exist, the choice of the most appropriate option for each concrete case will influence the quality of the results obtained in the(More)
Considering a shared conceptualization of a given reality as the cornerstone to build semantic artifacts to be used in knowledge organisation systems, the challenge is on providing support to the process of achieving it, which is an essentially collaborative task. This paper presents a new platform, named SemSys4CCM, that integrates and supports the(More)
This paper presents our method to support the collaborative conceptualisation process focusing our strategy for building consensus in the context of collaborative networks. This new strategy comes from the application of the results and recommendations obtained in an experimental evaluation performed in the scope of a large European project in the area of(More)
This paper deals with the problem of sensing virtual environments for 3D intelligent multi-character simulations. As these creatures should display reactive skills (navigation or gazing), together with the necessary planning processes, required to animate their behaviours, we present an efficient and fully scalable sensor system designed to provide this(More)
Knowledge management intrinsically involves communication and information sharing, which can be strongly affected by the context in which it is viewed and interpreted. This situation gets worst when complex domains are considered, as it is the case of the Construction Industry domains. The development of ontologies to unify and to put into context the(More)