António Leça Coelho

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In recent years crowd modeling has become increasingly important both in the computer games industry and in emergency simulation. This paper discusses some aspects of what has been accomplished in this field, from social sciences to the computer implementation of modeling and simulation. Problem overview is described including some of the most common(More)
Serious Games are increasingly used as a training and educational tool. Fire keeps claiming a high number of victims. Some authors allege failures during the evacuation process as the main cause that contributes for that number. Fire drills are used to train buildings' occupants for emergency situations. However, fire drills' participants often have prior(More)
Emergency evacuation plans and evacuation drills are mandatory in public buildings in many countries. Their importance is considerable when it comes to guarantee safety and protection during a crisis. However, sometimes discrepancies arise between the goals of the plan and its outcomes, because people find it hard to take them very seriously, or due to the(More)
The evacuation of complex buildings is a challenge under any circumstances. Fire drills are a way of training and validating evacuation plans. However, sometimes these plans are not taken seriously by their participants. It is also difficult to have the financial and time resources required. In this scenario, serious games can be used as a tool for(More)
Fire keeps claiming a large number of victims in building fires. Although there are ways to minimize such events, fire drills are used to train the building occupants for emergency situations. However, organizing and implement these exercises is a complex task, and sometimes not sucessfull. Furthermore, fire drills require the mobilization of some finantial(More)
Devices that offer positioning and route guidance depend on updated digital maps for correct functioning. Updating digital maps is a highly expensive and complex process so it became necessary to develop new ways to detect changes to the road network. Using GPS points gathered by users during their journeys, it is possible to compare the real road network(More)
The development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is rapidly growing. However, most of the ADAS require field test, which is expensive, unpredictable and time consuming. In this paper we propose a multiagent-based driving simulator which integrates a human factor analysis suite and enables rapid and low-cost experimentation of mobile-device ADAS.(More)
This paper describes an experiment designed to elicit human behaviour when facing the urgent need of exiting an unknown building. This work is part of a larger effort to devise the methodological approach underlying the implementation of simulation of pedestrians and elicitation of their emergent dynamics, an experimental framework coined SPEED. To validate(More)