1Felipe José Aidar
1Dihogo Gama de Matos
1Jurgen Perl
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THE AIMS OF THE PRESENT STUDY WERE to identify the factors which are able to explain the performance in the 200 meters individual medley and 400 meters front crawl events in young swimmers, to model the performance in those events using non-linear mathematic methods through artificial neural networks (multi-layer perceptrons) and to assess the neural(More)
The aim of this pilot study was to analyze the effect of a strength training program on indicators of trait and state anxiety in patients with ischemic stroke. The subjects were divided into two groups: experimental group (EG) consisting of 11 subjects aged 51.7 ± 8.0 years and a control group (CG) with 13 subjects aged 52.5 ± 7.7 years. EG underwent 12(More)
The aim of the present study was to assess the kinematical changes when swimming maximal bouts in Front Crawl and Breaststroke with the AquaTrainer snorkel. Thirteen male swimmers (7 at Breaststroke and 6 at Front Crawl) of national level performed randomly two maximal bouts of 100-m swims: one bout using the AquaTrainer snorkel (snorkel swim) and another(More)
More educated people, with more sophisticated devices, are creating new trends: crowded source data and citizen science. Citizens are able to capture data and to reason about it. They are producers and consumers of their own data. Meanwhile, local administration is struggling with less resources and more pressure to become more efficient. In this paper we(More)
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