António Joé Mendes

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A number of barriers found by novice students in programming learning motivated many researchers to work in this field. One of the causes of the students' failure in introductory programming course is their inability to solve problems using computers. This paper reports some results of an experience aimed to help some students to improve their problem(More)
With the recent increase in popularity of the Internet a new user population has emerged with little expertise to use interactive systems. Hence, developing interfaces for such systems has required the involvement of experts of several areas. A further observation is that about 50% of the time and resources are consumed just for the interface component of(More)
Are ethics committees in tune with the " epidemiology of ethical issues " ? Am J Bioeth. 3. Strech D, Schildmann J. Why the " appraisal of guidelines for research and evaluation " instrument can and should further inform ethics policy work. In the national and international 1-3 medical literature, there is a growing number of manuscripts that focus on(More)
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